The Kosciusko County Democrats recently passed a resolution supporting Glenda Ritz, State Superintendent of Schools and her education initiatives.
Unfortunately, Republican Gov. Mike Pence has taken every opportunity to undermine the superintendent’s efforts by creating a State Education Board staffed by political cronies receiving huge salaries while public education suffers funding cuts.  
Democrats have always valued public education as a vital policy to help benefit ourselves, families and Indiana’s economy.  It should be noted that the political movement in Indiana to weaken public education by siphoning off public dollars for private vouchers is harming our schools and demoralizing our educators.
Teachers are essential members of all communities.  Superintendent Ritz is working every day to support policies as outlined below to create an education system of high quality and equity for all Hoosiers.
The Kosciusko County Democrats support the following education platform adopted by the Indiana Democratic State Party Committee:
Guaranteeing Safe Schools:  Every child in every school has the right to learn in an environment that is safe and reassuring.  If a child does not feel safe, a child cannot learn.  The county party supports ensuring that every child is safe and respected at school and all school activities.
Letting Teachers Teach:  In recent years, we have seen more and more reliance on high-stakes, pass-fail testing.  This practice limits time teachers can spend educating and results in “teaching to the test.”  The county party support efforts to give educators more time for teaching and less time for testing.
Treating Teachers Like the Professionals They Are:  The prior administration demoralized and degraded the great educators we have throughout Indiana.  Teachers do incredible work for our communities and they deserve recognition for their efforts and the county party supports making teacher licensing and evaluation standards the highest in the nation while treating teachers with the respect and professionalism they deserve.
Respecting Local Control:  We believe government that is closest to the people, governs best.  The county party supports giving more control to local school districts.  The best ideas do not always come out of Indianapolis or the Statehouse – they happen when parents, teachers, students and communities work together.
Improving Vocational Education:  Our schools must prepare all students for the global economy, whether they will attend college or seek an alternate path to a career.  The county party supports standards that require every student to graduate college or become career ready.
It is time to end the political gamesmanship that is damaging our public schools and let Glenda Ritz, State Superintendent of Schools and elected by the voters the opportunity to make Indiana schools world class again.