America Recycles Day was celebrated at the Depot in November.
We collected 35,735 pounds of electronics from the community!  I am still tired!  This is the most that we have ever collected at a single event (last year we collected 21,405 pounds).
We really appreciate the patience of all the people who waited in line for us to unload their electronics.  We had lots of volunteers but it’s hard to anticipate the popularity of a drive.  How exciting to capture two truckloads of ewaste to recycle.  Thanks to all who helped us pull off this special day.  For those of you reading this thinking, “Oh no!  I missed it!” We do collect electronics every day throughout the week, but with a small user fee of five cents per pound.  Hardly a big price for making sure you do the right thing with your outdated electronics equipment.
So what is America Recycles Day anyway?  This is a holiday to celebrate recycling.  It is one day to motivate, one day to educate and one day to make recycling bigger and better the rest of the year.  All our visitors learned more about recycling in Kosciusko County.  Some won prizes. Our door prize winners were:  Cindy Phouleuanghongl (won a Corx purse) and Steve Stichter (won a recycled birdfeeder).  Our iRecycle Challenge winners were Cindy Tabor and Kathryn Hostetler.  They won a gift card donated by Walmart.  
So . .. why don’t some people recycle if it’s so awesome and the right thing to do?  Inconvenience is the number one reason why people don’t bother, “I don’t have the space or time.”  Another reason is there is no financial incentive (If recycling was so great you would pay me.” And some people are too confused, “Number what plastic?” Lastly, “Whatever I do doesn’t matter anyway, “We are doomed.”  These are all reasons but not good ones in my book.  It is proven that recycling saves energy and preserves natural resources.  By diverting recyclables from the landfill, we preserve landfills to last longer for our community.  Burying resources does not make good economic sense.  Utilizing recovered recyclables does, by creating jobs and revenue for communities.  Recycling materials also produces less carbon than manufacturing materials from natural resources, thus helping our climate problem.  Recycling matters, the KC Recycling is here to help.  We can help with the how, what and where, but it is up to you to recycle.  It is a small chore, much like taking out the garbage. Just choose a different can.  Your can of recyclables will make a difference.
How can you make recycling bigger and better?  Make a pledge today to be a better recycler.  Pledge to learn what is recyclable in your county (call us 574-372-3087 or visit, Act – Start recycling or recycle more items.  Bring your recycling drive into your workplace.  And finally, Share.  Share your enthusiasm with those around you.  Help a friend or neighbor get on board.  If you are really committed, you can make your pledge at, so far over 55,800 people have pledged.