I am happy to announce that the GO WARSAW app is now available for your mobile phone or tablet.  “GO WARSAW” is an easy way to access important features from the city website.   By the way, it’s free.
The City of Warsaw established its current website, www.warsaw.in.gov, in 2010 to create easy access to a wide variety of city departments and services.  Like most websites, it was initially designed for a desktop or laptop computer that provides the entire range of information with an expansive view for documents and maps.
Currently, mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) account for 40 percent of the “hits” on the city website. This percentage of mobile “hits” continues to grow and will eventually be the primary point of access to the site.  
Like many websites, it was not originally designed to display on a mobile device.  To solve that, we have created an app for your phone or tablet. GO WARSAW was specifically developed to access and navigate the features and services from our website with ease and simplicity
The goals of GO WARSAW are to improve citizen engagement with city government and services by improving mobile friendliness.  It is also to improve transparency by improving access to a wide variety of public documents.  Finally, we hope to offer a streamlined and accountable means to submit concerns and questions to city departments with the “Report a Concern” feature.
GO WARSAW is currently available at the iPhone or Android app store.
Can you imagine taking a photo of a pothole and sending it from you phone directly to the street department with the embedded location information on the picture?  You can do that now with your computer but it would be much easier with your phone.  This “work order” style system will be responded to and email updates will be sent back to the citizen, as the problem is resolved.  A final email will be sent when the item has been addressed and the issued is closed.  Reporting and tracking are simplified.
How about checking city job postings or Parks and Recreation event information from your phone?  Would you like to pay your wastewater bill, or check the date and time of city meetings or events?  While you can do all of this from you computer, it now becomes much simpler from your mobile device.
What else will “GO WARSAW” do?  You can “Contact Us” (all of our elected officials and key department personnel) with the press of a button.  You can search and connect to a very comprehensive list of useful and important “Community Links”.   There is also a “Ride/Walk” page, and a link to our Facebook page.  
Take a minute and peruse the “Agendas & Minutes” section.  It contains anything from Common Council meeting minutes to Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory monthly activity reports.   Right at you fingertips!
To use GO WARSAW,  simply download the app and set up an account on your device.  Then take a minute and become familiar with what features are available on GO WARSAW.  
The quality of this mobile site will continue to get better as we take your suggestions for improvements.   Send us an email with your ideas!  Let us know how you like GO WARSAW.