WINONA LAKE – Kings Highway will go back the way it was at the intersection of Winona Avenue.
The intersection near the traffic light now is two lanes. The right lane allows motorists to go right or straight and the left lane is left-turn only.
The council at its monthly meeting Tuesday unanimously voted to revert the intersection back to the way it was about five years ago. The change will make the right-hand lane going westbound right-turn only, and the left lane will be used for motorists who want to go left or straight.
The change aims to prevent traffic build-up that happens in the right-hand lane of that intersection, said Town Coordinator Craig Allebach.
“There’s been a lot accidents with people rear-ending each other there,” Allebach said.
The town will pay $5,840 to change the road markings.
The council also introduced an ordinance to require biodegradable bags for yard waste.
The town will provide 15 bags per residential unit to help with the requirement, after which residents would need to purchase thier own bags.
The ordinance is scheduled to be voted on at the May 16 meeting at 6 p.m.
The council unanimously approved gates for the greenway area of the town.
Allebach said there has been a recent problem with college students driving their cars up on the path.
The gates will make it possible for a ATV or a Bobcat to get in, but would prevent a car from getting in.
The cost will be $17,300 for 10 gates.
In other business:
• Town Marshal Joe Hawn announced an anonymous donor had provided around $7,000 to upgrade police firearms. Fourteen new guns were purchased.
• The council announced a retirement party for outgoing deputy clerk Cindy Nolton. The party will be Friday from 2 to 3 p.m. for staff and invited guests.