MILFORD – The state has ordered further cuts to Milford’s 2015 budget, council heard Monday.
The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance on Thursday ordered that the town cut $56,000 to $59,000 from either next year’s budget, this year’s or a combination of the two. The lower allotment is how the funding formula worked out, council heard.
Council President Bob Cockburn remarked that they had already drafted a lower budget for 2015 than this year’s.
“It still makes me mad because we cut it – we didn’t raise it by 2 percent or 3 percent,” he said after the meeting.
Council will hold a special meeting next week to see where they can afford to make the cuts.
The loss to the budget prompted members to delay plans Monday to proceed with the roughly $34,000 purchase of a new skid loader for the utilities department. Council will consider it again after seeing what the new budget looks like.
Members did approve $5,788 Monday for iron bacteria treatment for well No. 3, which was last done two years ago along with a smaller well.