Curt Nisly is running a campaign based on direct voter contact as he competes for State Representative in House District 22, according to a press release submitted by his campaign Friday.
Independent Michael Stinfer and Democrat David Kolbe also are seeking the seat.
The press release states that door-to-door campaigning was a vital part of Nisly’s winning strategy in securing the Republican nomination in May, and talking personally with voters continues to be a cornerstone of the Nisly campaign.
“I went door-to-door in every precinct in the district this spring,” Nisly is quoted as saying in the release. “This is the single best way to hear constituent concerns, and to share my views with them. We began going door-to-door again last month, even during the parade schedule and the weeks of the county fairs.”
This personal contact with voters has continued throughout the summer.
“Our campaign participated in six parades during June and July,” Nisly said. “In each case, I was able to talk with voters before the parade as well as during the event.”
The release states that Nisly talked with hundreds of voters throughout the week at both the Kosciusko and Elkhart County 4-H fairs and is doing the same this week at the Amish Acres Arts and Crafts Festival in Nappanee. All of this is in addition to knocking on doors.
Nisly envisions other methods to reach voters this summer and fall.
 “We expect to participate in some of the multi-candidate forums which tend to be held in District 22 during an election year,“ Nisly said. “In addition, we have already planned several private events in different parts of the district which will allow me to interact with groups of voters.”
None of this, though, will keep Nisly from the door steps. “Doors continue to be the key,” said Nisly.
Nisly did not commit to debate other candidates in the House District 22 contest have been proposing.
“I prefer to take my message directly to voters, and to hear their concerns directly as well,” Nisly said. “This is why my campaign plan has me reaching out to individual voters every single week from now until Nov. 4. This campaign is going to be won at the doorsteps.”