Photo by Jennifer Peryam, Times-Union
Photo by Jennifer Peryam, Times-Union
Travis Marsh is running as an Independent for the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s seat in the November 4 election.
Aaron Rovenstine, Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department captain, also is seeking the seat, on the Republican ticket.
Marsh, 45, has been a North Webster resident for the past 15 years, and is serving his 22nd year in law enforcement.
He currently is lieutenant of the Milford Police Department, having served in the position since 2009.
He served as a detective sergeant with the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department from 1997 to 2000, and as deputy from 2000 to 2007.
He also served as a patrolman for Syracuse Police Department from 1997 to 1999; as Silver Lake Police Chief from 1996 to 1997; and Pierceton Police Department Deputy Marshal from 1994 to 1997.
He served as a police officer with Riverview Police Department, Riverview, Mich., from August to December 2008.
He also served on the North Webster Town Council from 2004 to 2007.
During an interview Monday afternoon at the Times-Union, Marsh said he decided to run for sheriff after talking to several people in law enforcement and his family and friends.
“Some of the issues we are facing inside law enforcement are communication issues and operational issues,” Marsh said. “I thought it would be an interesting proposition to try to give people a choice to change management.”
He said the current management style and model that is being used is outdated, and needs to be updated.
He said if elected he would like to seek accreditation for the department. The professional licensure would require an audit of operations from hiring to promotions to general operations.
The audit would also assist in suggesting departmental improvements and identify what the department is doing correctly, and how to continue doing things correctly.
He said if elected sherriff, he will use his experience in law enforcement.
He graduated in 2000 from Maryland Institute of Criminal Justice with his Polygraph Examiner’s Certification.
Marsh also is a crisis negotiator, which comes into play when there are issues with suicidal or barricaded subjects.
Marsh spoke about the meth problem in the county and said he would like to continue to address it if elected.
He feels the Drug Task Force needs to work more effectively with law enforcement agencies to combat the meth problem.
He said all county law enforcement agencies should be reunified to combat the meth problem.
“There is a competitive nature in law enforcement and that sometimes works against us,” Marsh said. “All officers want to do well for the community, but that competitive nature sometimes takes over and supercedes the mission at hand because someone wants credit for doing the job.”
He said there needs to be a way found to resolve the hardships.
“The primary thing that I want the community to know is that we stand for a fresh perspective. There is nothing broken, the sheriff’s department is functioning as it should, but I believe it can function a lot better,” Marsh said.
He said leadership needs to be reinforced in the department.
“We don’t have the ability to give large raises and don’t have the ability to hire more officers and expand so we’ve got to do better with nothing,” Marsh said.
Marsh is married to Cristine, and they have four children and 11 grandchildren.