NORTH MANCHESTER – The Manchester School Board is gearing up for the 2014-2015 school year that is right around the corner.
They discussed handbook revisions and new textbook prices at their meeting Tuesday evening.
“I just want things to be clear,” Superintendent Bill Reicchart said. “When things are not clear, that’s when parents get confused.”
Manchester Elementary School Principal Wes Mullett discussed revisions to the student handbooks. Changes include sending children home for 24 hours due to illness or temperature.  Other revised topics include promotion to the next grade or retention to current grade for students. Mullett said the building-level administrator has the final decision.
“We take input from parents,” Mullett said. “They need to have as much input as possible.”
Manchester Intermediate School Principal Randy Self mentioned similar changes to their student handbooks. Self said parents could have input on the classroom they feel is most suitable for their child.
Assistant Principal at Manchester High School Lisa Ulry discussed behavioral consequences for students. She said there is a range of consequences that are not to be implemented as a progression.
“Range depends on the severity of whatever the violation was,” Ulry said. “You could implement a consequence at any level.”
Ulry also discussed a new dress code revision. Instead of using the “dollar bill” rule students must wear skirts and shorts at an “appropriate length for height and body type,” Ulry said. Manchester High School students will also be given two temporary I.D. badges each semester to avoid missing class time. Students who lose their second temporary I.D. must purchase a new one.
Textbook rental fees at each grade level differ from last year. Noticeable differences can depend on the number of students increasing or decreasing. Prices can also change due to new material like workbooks to help students with various subjects.
The most noticeable difference is a $13.44 increase for second grade and a $5.01 decrease for fourth grade. At the high school level, textbook prices will depend on the classes chosen by the students.
Principal Wes Mullett said there are 30 children entering the Begindergarten program this year.
“They are getting their feet wet in school,” Mullett said.
School Board President Sally Krouse concluded the meeting by announcing an open seat in the school board. She said the board is looking for a Manchester town resident. Letters of interest can be sent to Krouse at the school by July 16 at 3 p.m. Interviews will be held July 22 at 5:30 p.m.