Children’s author Donna Frisinger will share her experiences as a writer next month.
The program is April 14 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Warsaw Community Public Library.
Frisinger is an award-winning freelance writer who’s been published in Ideals, Guidepost Books, War Cry, Mature Living, Marriage Partnership and Today’s Christian Woman.
Her children’s works have been published in Focus on The Family’s Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. The American Christian Writers named her “Writer of the Year” in 2009, 2011, and 2012.
She has also received many poetry awards, including both first and second place in the 2012 Athanatos Christian Poetry Contest.
She taught Creative Writing at Warsaw’s Lakeland Christian Academy in 2000.
Frisinger, from Rochester, said anyone who is interested in getting their own works published or wants to hear an inspiring life story can attend the program.
She will cover her journey to publication including facts about publishing children’s books and take questions from the audience.
She said it took seven years, attending many writers’ conferences, and publication in several magazines, to finally realize her dream of publishing a children’s book.
“Bink and Slinky’s Ark Adventure” came out in March 2013 with Standard Publishing.
She has another book, “Little Seeds of Love,” that comes out in May with Thomas Nelson Publishers. A second book will follow, titled “Everyday Encouragements.”
“Bink and Slinky’s Ark Adventure” is the rhyming story of two snails trying to find Noah’s Ark before the “Great Falling Begins.” To do what God says, Bink and Slinky must face obstacles.
The book won a gold medal 2013 Mom’s Choice Award and two first place finishes in the 2013 Children’s Literary Classics Competition: “Best First Picture Book” and “Best Faith-Based Book.”
“Little Seeds of Love” is a 30-day inspirational collection of topical essays, quotes from famous people and relevant scripture verses.
“Everyday Encouragements” follows a similar format, but also includes some of her poetry.
She said she has always loved to write: “I was one of those kids who always had her work read aloud by teachers throughout my elementary and high school years.”
Starting out as a journalism major at Butler University, she found herself as the only girl in the department. Back in 1966, she said girls were told they were supposed to be teachers, nurses, or secretaries.
“I switched my major several times, but finally landed in elementary education,” Frisinger said.
Although she taught in the classroom for 10 years, most of her work has been in teaching the performing arts.
She said she writes from a Christian perspective.
“I want my work to make a difference in people’s lives for eternity, to inspire children of all ages – 3 to 103 –  to always go for God’s best in their life,” Frisinger said.