Jason Brown (pictured), owner of One Ten Craft Meatery, organized the second annual St. Paddy’s Day celebration Friday downtown Warsaw on Buffalo Street. Photo by David Slone, Times-Union.
Jason Brown (pictured), owner of One Ten Craft Meatery, organized the second annual St. Paddy’s Day celebration Friday downtown Warsaw on Buffalo Street. Photo by David Slone, Times-Union.
For the second annual downtown St. Paddy’s Day celebration Friday, the word is “more” – more collaborations, more bands and more space.
“Last year we threw our first one, and we had a tent party, basically. Live band. We had food and beer. We partnered with Mad Anthony’s and B’Macs last year. This year we decided to partner with Mad Anthony’s and B’Macs again, along with a handful of others,” said Jason Brown, owner and cook of 110 Craft Meatery.
This year, the list of partners has grown to also include The Trailhouse, WRSW, Warsaw Party Rental, Blue Note Design and KC Recycling Depot.
“This year we’ve expanded the bands, we went to two bands. We’re keeping it open a little bit longer. More food options, more drink options,” he said.
Buffalo Street will be closed off Friday for the St.?Patrick’s Day event from Center to Main streets. The beer tent opens at 5 p.m., with live music starting at 6 p.m. Entry is $5, and tickets for food/beverage items is $6. It is restricted to those 21 years old and older.
“We have two large tents. We have a 30-by-60 tent that is going to be on the Center Street side, and we have a 20-by-40 tent that is going to be on the Main Street side. And then we’re going to have an opening in the middle. We have a food tent that has approximately 250 person worth of seating, to eat, drink and hang out. Then we have fire pits and corn hole that is going to be able to be played (outside of the tents),” Brown explained.
Picnic tables supplied by the Warsaw Parks and Recreation Department also will be outside of the tents.
The 20-by-40 tent will be reserved for the food, drinks and sitting, while the 30-by-60 will be standing-room only and the bands.
Mad Anthony’s is running the drink tent. It is going to have an eight-drink tap system, with everything from green beer to cocktails to wine, Brown said.
“One big thing that 110 is doing is we partnered with The Kettleheads,” he said. “The Kettleheads are a local brewery group. So what we did is, we did an in-house competition among all the Kettlehead members, and we decided on a winner. ... So we actually had them keg-up about eight kegs, and we are releasing that specific brew on the 17th both inside and outside. So there’s a Kettleheads collaboration brew that will be released.”
The winner was John Harding and his brew is a mango pale ale called Island Cargo.
“That will be one of the beers on tap, and then it also will be one of the taplines in-house as well,” Brown said.
B-Mac’s is doing food – “everything from fish and chips to Irish stew to corned beef and cabbage, so very St. Paddy’s themed.”
Two live bands will perform during the night, starting at 6 p.m. That is up from one band that performed at the 2016 event.
The bands are The Matchsellers, a two-piece folksy band, and The Tumbleweed Jumpers, a seven-piece band that’s also kind of “folksy,” Brown said.
“So I would say we’re going in the whole  Irish folk-Americana theme, obviously with St. Paddy’s,” he said.
There also will be a bike ride from The Trailhouse in Winona Lake to downtown Warsaw.
“It’s going to start at 6:30 from The Trailhouse and they’re going to bike downtown. So if you’re in the Winona area and would like to collaborate with a whole bunch of other riders, meet at The Trailhouse in The Village at 6:30. And then they’re going to bike downtown together,” Brown said.
There will be an incentive for anyone who does the bike ride.
“The Trailhouse is actually hooking us up with bike racks. So anybody that bikes down to the St. Patrick’s Day event will get free entry into the tent, and entry is $5, so it is worthwhile to ride your bike,” Brown said.
“Once you are in the tent, everything will be purchasable through tickets. So it’s basically $6 for a ticket, and $6 will get you either a beverage, plate of food, whatever you want in between. And we’ll be able to take cash or credit,” he said.
For the 2016 event, Brown said they planned for about 150 people, but 385 showed up They’re planning for 750 this year.
“It’s going to be a really good time. Last year it was just crazy. We had a line out the door at 5:15 when we opened the tent at 5, and we expect the same kind of response this year,” he said.
Food and drinks will be served until 11 p.m. or midnight, depending on the crowds.
The Vic will be open with NCAA basketball games on televisions “so that people who would like to catch the games will be able to stay up to date,” Brown said. Mad Anthony’s also will have the games on.
“We’re partnering with the Recycling Depot, and they’re supplying us with recycle bins because we would like to bring awareness to the ability of Warsaw to be able to recycle, and they were kind enough to partner with us and offer up some recycle bins,” he said.
With more planned for this year’s event, he said, “It’s going to be a pretty good time.”