Editor, Times-Union:
I am greatly disappointed by the outcome of the recent HJR 3 marriage amendment legislation. Due to a handful of Indiana House Representatives, my own Representative Rebecca Kubacki included, Indiana citizens were denied a voice and a vote on this important issue. If Representative Kubacki truly believes in protecting the institution of marriage, as she has said, there is no excuse for her voting “no.”
The purpose of the bill was simply to help protect our state against the federal government and activist judges who would like to force their liberal agenda on us. Representative Kubacki has said that this constitutional amendment was unnecessary because marriage is already defined in Indiana law. The problem with that is that state laws are being overturned at the whim of activist judges all across the country. With all due respect, to think that this will not happen in Indiana, one would either have to be naive or just plain ignorant of the facts.
It is time for Christians sitting in the pews of our churches to stand up and speak up. With her “no” vote, Representative Kubacki voted to leave every church and pastor in Indiana vulnerable to threats and lawsuits for refusing to violate our biblical and moral convictions of keeping the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman.
We may have been denied a vote this fall on a marriage amendment, but we do have a vote and an opportunity for our voices to be heard in the May primary and fall election. We need a state representative in District 22 who will stand by their stated convictions and truly represent the people they serve.
I plan to vote for Curt Nisly on May 6.
Rev. Mark Fishburn
Leesburg, via e-mail