Editor, Times-Union:
Candidate David Kolbe has called for a debate in the Indiana District 22 House race. The independent candidate, Michael Stinfer quickly agreed to debate. Curt Nisly, the extremist nominee called debates a “distraction” and declared they are not part of his winning strategy.
Debates have always been a part of American democracy. Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy, to name just two great politicians, never shied away from debates. The job of a state representative is largely about persuading the legislative body to enact legislation and fighting for the district. It involves speaking to committees and speaking in the full house chamber. It often means appearing before large groups of people and explaining ideas and policies. It is an essential part of the job.
This extremist candidate, in his response published in the Times-Union Aug. 1, made clear he will do everything he can to avoid debates because they are not part of his winning strategy. In other words if he debates, he fears he will lose. If he cannot debate before the voters and defend his ideas and policies, what good would he be for our district in Indianapolis?
It sounds like he is all about winning but has little understanding or concern for serving the people of the district.
John Bonitati
Kosciusko County Democratic Chairman