Dear Editor,

As a passionate advocate for the well-being of families in Kosciusko County, I am absolutely dismayed that “Vape” shops seem to be popping up around Warsaw.  Most surprisingly, in The Village at Winona Lake.  These shops are selling “Vape” or more commonly known as “E Cigarettes” as a cessation or alternative to tobacco use.  Unfortunately, at this point, the inhalation of this toxic substance is not yet overseen by the FDA.  Even though, without any government oversight, many cities, school districts and employers are treating them the same way as cigarettes or tobacco.  Ironically, these “Vape Shops” are marketing E Cigarettes as a cessation tool, yet there are only 7 physician recommended cessation tools and E Cigarettes are not one of them.  And, why would a business build itself up to put themselves out of business.  Data from the National Youth Tobacco Survey suggested a doubling of e-cigarette use among U.S. middle and high school students from 2011 to 2012.  It is a way for youth to become addicted to nicotine.  Citing no health concerns by tobacco companies who tend to own these E Cigarettes is contrary to what the medical community has researched.  The final concern is that these E Cigarettes are being flavored with flavorings such as chocolate, cherry, strawberry, and many other  inviting flavors that would be appealing to our youth.   Speaking with Law Enforcement, there is also a growing trend of “spiking” the “Vape” with illegal drugs.  If you really want to successfully quit smoking or the use of tobacco products, talk to your physician and/or call the State of Indiana quitline, 1-800-QUIT-NOW, rather than just replace with another potentially deadly addiction. 

Sariah Morgan, Warsaw