Editor, Times-Union:
A few years ago, several Syracuse residents worked diligently to quiet the trains in our area, Lake Wawasee included.
After much planning and an attempt to gather financial support, those plans faltered and the endeavor seemed hopelessly stalled.
This activity followed an earlier attempt when the town council approved an application for a quiet zone by one vote but that changed within a few months when a deceased-board member was replaced with an anti-whistle ban board member … and the approval was revoked by the new board.
Frustrating as it has been, some Syracuse residents as well as Lake Wawasee folks) still wonder why the train whistle frequency can’t be tamed a bit.  Eight hundred-plus whistles a day seems a wee bit drastic.
Let our town officials know what you think, please!  Our good friend and colleague in pursuit of a little serenity, Jim Atwood, and I discussed it a few weeks before Jim became ill.
We reaffirmed his belief that we should be working closely with the town to make it happen.
At the 7 p.m Tuesday town meeting, the need will be addressed.  Please come join us at the town hall.  If the room’s crowded, your presence in the halls will still make an impact.
Feel free to contact me if you’re interested.
Van Young
Syracuse, via email