Editor, Times-Union:
A little over 40 years ago, my family became involved in a Baptist church at that time, and one of the things being talked about back then (in both the church and some books and literature) was a coming “rapture” or “taking away” of Christians, and the Christian church, from this world, all just prior to the start of what the New Testament book of “The Revelation” calls “a time of great tribulation.”
This will be a period of seven years wherein a person will rise up and have great authority over the nations of the world, and will promise “peace and prosperity,” and all sorts of things. But as time goes on he will be revealed as a deceiver.
One of the things that will happen during his time in power is that he will force people across the world to receive a “mark” (some believe this to be a computer chip) in either their right forehead, or in their forehead, and those who refuse this “mark” will not be allowed to buy or sell anything or hold a job, go to a doctor and so on.
Those who do take that mark (which contains the number “666”) will be able to buy, sell, work and such, but the wrath of God will pour down from heaven upon all those who take that evil mark; and in the end, after this “Anti-Christ” and false prophet, beast and entire system of rebellion against God has been taken down, those who took the “mark of the beast” will be condemned to on eternity in a “Lake of Fire,” where their body and soul will be tormented forever.
If you listen to “talk radio,” a few of these hosts have been noticing changes going on across the world, among nations, governments, people even animals and nature itself.
These hosts, such as Glenn Beck and George Noory, have noticed these strange occurrences and are asking, “What is going on?”
God is no respecter of people. There are already many people who during their lifetimes on earth had great power, wealth, influence, sex appeal and such.
However, when they died, their souls entered the tormenting fires of hell; and even now, they beg God to send someone, anyone, to warn their families, or friends, neighbors, even enemies to “repent of their sins from the blood of Jesus Christ,” so that they may never have to suffer in such horrible torment.
Make no mistake, something is about to happen, and God wants people to prepare for the coming events, while there is time.
William Gerald Smith
Lancaster, Pa.