Editor, Times-Union:
I am a Pierceton resident with a concern.
The other night, I saw a teenage boy walking along Ind. 13 with a man walking a few feet behind him and a car following alongside the road with its hazard lights flashing.
The boy was from Pierceton Woods Academy.
I assume the boy escaped and the people following him were from the academy. I’ve heard that when someone escapes, the employees are not allowed to touch them even to try to get them into the car to take them back to Pierceton Woods.
It’s happened before and the police have had to be called to come pick the escapee up, “arrest him,” and take him back.
This concerns me because while I observed this particular boy walking down the road for a long amount of time, I saw many children cross his path on bicycles.
I don’t want to assume that any of the residents of Pierceton Woods would harm anyone out in the community, but I think it’s important to take every precaution for this not to happen. It’s hard to not think negatively when a couple of years ago, someone who escaped wound up shooting a man in his car.
I’m not sure what needs to be done to stop the escapes being made, but I feel like it’s important for our community to be aware that it’s happening. If I am wrong, please respond. I’d love to be wrong and hear that no one is escaping or that if anyone does, they are caught and taken back immediately rather than wandering around the community.
Stephanie Campbell
Pierceton, via email