Editor, Times-Union:
How much would our local charlatan complain if he was being financed by a Goldman Sachs?  My guess is not at all, because that would mean that he’s found his wealthy sponsor.  Since no one has cut him multi-million dollar checks, he has to pout about it.  Looking at his inspiration, it is clear to see what the charlatan would do if he were in charge.
The Nazi’s created the illusion of private ownership and free market, but as the great Austrian Economist Ludwig von Mises wrote,  the German way of Socialism “maintains private ownership of the means of production and keeps the appearance of ordinary price, wages, and markets.”  However, many of the decisions about prices, wages, and labor is all determined by the central state (the article can be found at https://mises.org/freemarket_detail.aspx?control=54).   It is different from the “Communist” form of Socialism in that with the Nazi’s they made it appear as if individuals actually controlled their businesses.
So if both the Soviets and the Nazis were Socialist (which they were), in their governing policies, why did they fight each other?  Did they actually believe there was a difference, or did they both read Marx, and come to two separate conclusions, and had to fight over which one was right (Spoiler:  neither was right).  Was there a “Who has a better mustache, Hitler or Stalin” debate and someone didn’t like the outcome?   I know that there is no difference between Nazism and what the Soviets labeled as Communism (which is not Socialism in the slightest).  Before the charlatan goes out complaining about how there’s no difference between left or right in American Politics, he needs to look at how far left his idol was.
Gary Eppenbaugh
Warsaw, via email