Editor, Times-Union:
State Rep. Rebecca Kubacki:
Whoa a full page! That must have set you back!
I certainly agree your family should be left out of this and from what I’ve seen I agree with most of your politics but you made one big error.
The anti-gun movement got in high gear back in the ’60s which means many of us have been fighting this battle for some 50 years. There is one thing we have learned and can never forget or forgive. There can be no compromise with the anti-gunners. Every time they have been successful in getting laws passed they demand more. Their ultimate goal is the repeal of the Second Amendment and the total disarming of the American people. They, of course, deny this but with all that is going on in states such as California there is no longer any doubt.
This is the problem, Ms. Kubacki, to us the gun issue isn’t baseball. You don’t get three strikes. One vote yes for an anti-gun law or one no for pro-gun and for us you’re done. This doesn’t mean you’re going to lose re-election but this area is heavy pro-gun and you didn’t help your chances especially since we don’t understand your vote.
Harold Kitson