Editor, Times-Union:
As I read the various Letters to the editor submitted by supporters of Curt Nisly, I am reminded why politicians are viewed with a jaundiced eye. At every turn, Nisly’s supporters put a political spin that places Kubacki in a bad light.
This is particularly visible while she voted for children’s safety in church day-care centers. Nisly supporters corrupted this intent by indicating Kubacki was anti-church. Nothing could be further from the truth. She supports the institution of church but is against those persons within that institution who would put profits ahead of safety for our children. One child drowned in holy water. This would never have happened with proper supervision, something we should all support.
The depth and number of the personal attacks on Kubacki are shameful and do not belong in the political arena. The half-truth statements have no place in the public domain.
I hold Curt Nisly personally responsible for the statements made by his supporters, and at the very least he should be distancing himself from these shameful statements.
As a husband of a day-care professional, a Vietnam veteran and chairman of Wells County Republicans, I totally and wholeheartedly endorse Rebecca Kubacki for another term to represent the fine people of Indiana’s District 22.
Ralph A. Garcia
Chairman, Wells County Republicans
Bluffton, via email