Editor, Times-Union:
I see our kindergarten leaders in Indianapolis have done it again.
The secretary of state, who I believe is a Republicrat, has decided Indiana parents can’t restrict the young from puffing on an electric cigarette.
So our liberty-loving master has stepped into take over parental duties.
It would seem the secretary of state should concentrate on his own legislators to quit smoking.
Another Republicrat, Gov. Pence, is blocking the gambling boats from transferring to land-based buildings.
I guess the poor and the working class will gamble more on dry land than on a barge. And he wants to be president!
Incidentally, to my Christian Zionist friend, I accept your free trip to the Holy Land. I need a diversion.
Maybe I will do one of those become a rabbi in 24-hours gigs.
Oops! I erred. I am already a rabbi certified in Universal Life Church by the leader Kirby Hensley Aug. 12,1986.
So I have my papers. IF I get in a jam, I will call Israel’s chief rabbi. He’s a Metzger, too.
Tom Metzger
Warsaw, via email