Editor, Times-Union
Answer to Intervention:
Wednesday’s paper printed a letter titled “Religious Intervention” that ended with a question to which most know the answer. The letter raised the question why our country would commit resources to helping Israel defend themselves against a terrorist state, or to rescue thousands refugees stranded on a mountain. The question was asked in a context that cited our obligation to separate church and state.
Here is the familiar answer to the question: When it comes to national survival, we don’t squabble over what is “church” and what is “state.” Israel’s enemies have vowed, as a sacred end, to establish a worldwide Islamic state achieved by order and empowerment from their sovereign god through violence and mass murder. This ideology demands the killing of, not only Jews and western Christianity but, within their own territories, any and all that do not bow to Allah.
We support Israel because there is no enemy to Israel that is not, in every way, our enemy as well. We support them because Israel stands on the front lines of a war that is coming our way. We support them for the promise of blessing to those who do. We support Israel because it is very much our proxy, fighting our war, seeking to stop those who hate us with unquenchable hate. This enemy does not hate America because they see us as imperial racists indifferent to third-world poor. They do not hate us, as some suggest, because our freedoms, opportunities, and successes as a society and nation. They are driven by irreversible “holy and sacred” principles committed to a world dominance and power over those who do not bow to their god.
So it is a war that will go on, a war that will offer no peace, save for the individual peace that comes to those who know the end of a story that has already been told, when the armies of the world come against Israel “an immovable rock” when the sun and moon darken, after the church is taken out of the way and Christ alone destroys all nations that attack Israel. (Zechariah 12: 1-9)
Ron Ogden
Winona Lake, via email