Editor, Times-Union:
Does experience really matter? Yes, it does. The position of judge requires careful thought, weighing of evidence, discernment and the ability to make decisions in the best interest of all parties involved. The best way to develop these abilities is through experience. If I am trusting in a surgeon to perform heart surgery on my father I want the physician with experience.  That doctor  may have received a degree or training to become a surgeon but I want the person who has been in the operating room and performed that specific surgery multiple times.
The race for Superior Court 2 judge offers an option for you to select the candidate who has experience. In his 23 years of full-time law practice, Torrey Bauer has handled 853 total cases in Superior Court 2. If you just look at the last 10 years, Torrey Bauer has handled more than eight times the number of cases than the other two candidates combined. How can you have good “judge”-ment without experience?
The position of judge also requires integrity and a willingness to serve. Having known Torrey Bauer for at least 30 years we know that he does not take this commitment lightly and we deeply respect that quality in him.
On May 6, make the choice for experience. It matters. Vote for Torrey Bauer, Judge – Superior Court 2.
Cliff & Veisa Staton
Warsaw, via e-mail