Dear Editor:

I needed to respond to Janet Collin’s editorial on Friday June 13, 2014.  I am a veal farmer and her comments caught my eye because she said: “that veal production is perhaps one of the most brutal and cruel of all CAFO’S (CONFINED ANIMAL FEEDING OPERATIONS)”.  My veal operations are not cruel or brutal to our calves so, I couldn’t help but be curious what she was talking about or is she simply repeating the typical animal rights lies about veal production.

I drove up to the farm she was referring to in her editorial and found that there is not actually a building or a CAFO at all located where she said it was to the west of where she lives.  Instead there is a very neat Amish farm with nice fences, mowed yards and pastures with horses roaming around.  In the back of that farm are calf hutches arranged in a line well away from Mrs. Collins property. 

First of all the calves in those hutches are not veal.  They are probable heifers from a local dairy or dairy beef animals raised for beef.  Marjorie Vance and Janet Collins should make up their minds, are they against CAFO’s, Family Farms or all Farms? The farm Mrs. Collins is complaining about now would fit the definition of family farm and yet she doesn’t like it?

The Amish farm that Mrs. Collins is complaining about is zoned agriculture.  And yet Janet Collins stated: “I would be far happier if my neighbors were making meth in the privacy of their own home instead of destroying my life”.  She also stated that: “Indiana is the cesspool of North America”.  I would suggest if Mrs. Collins feels that way about our state that there are many urban areas in other states where she could surround herself with meth houses.   


Randie Kopkey

Leesburg, IN