Editor, Times-Union:
In Adolf Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf,” the author contended that the largest group of the reading public in Germany were those that believed everything they read. Hitler wrote of the many techniques by which he would control the people of Germany. He wrote, “In the size of a lie there is always a certain factor for belief, since the great masses of a people ... themselves perhaps also lie sometimes over trifles, yet would certainly be too ashamed to tell super-lies. Thus they will be unable to believe possible the enormous impudence of absolutely infamous lies by other persons.”
The book “Mein Kampf” readily admits that official government propaganda must limit itself to catchwords which are eternally repeated. In my opinion, this is where we are today in America with the leadership in Washington and dishonest news media that will not report truth and error. We are told such things as:
1. Our 200-year supply of domestic coal harms the environment and shouldn’t be used because we have “global warming”;
2. Existing law dictating the deportation of illegal aliens should be ignored, instead give illegals a “path to citizenship”;
3. Privately run health care is too costly, we need “Affordable Care” from a “single payer”;
4. We should distill our corn crop for gas to “reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” yet America’s demand for gasoline is down, prices are up, and we are now a net exporter of petroleum products;
5. Convicted, non-violent criminals in federal prisons should be released under “clemency”;
6. America can reduce the federal deficit, not by reducing spending, but by raising the debt limit;
7. Iraq and other belligerent nations receive U.S. funds to build their infrastructure, while America does so with borrowed money;
8. America's hands are tied to do anything about the murder of Americans in a foreign embassy, in fact our leaders really didn't know it was happening;
The lies keep getting bigger. America deserves what it gets in leadership in Washington because as a nation corporately, voters are too stupid to protest incompetence, lies, deceitfulness, wasteful spending, and the intrusion of the federal government on our lives from day to day, even our way of life. We ought to demand honesty, frugality and a balanced budget.
When America was more of a free nation, its citizens were free to conduct themselves in their daily lives as they wished as long as their conduct was not unlawful. But in 2014, America now is at the place where federal, state and even local governments are very busy enacting so-called “enabling legislation” that makes a certain thing legal. This goes right down to the local level when a city believes it has the right to allow or disallow homeowners to keep a few chickens in a small coop in their back yard.  Beware of enabling legislation, it speaks of controlling the populace in a very narrow sense by telling you or I what we can do!
Rick Wagner
Pierceton, via email