Editor, Times-Union:
It was the night you could have heard a pin drop, the night Eric Miller came to town.
Advance America, a watchdog at the state house for the people, is nonpartisan and has never endorsed any candidate or party. At this Freedom Briefing, Eric spoke at a local Warsaw church on March 31 and exposed Rep. Kubacki’s voting records, as well as others. We sat there absolutely stunned and deeply disappointed. It was a defining moment, for public voting records do not lie. They are truth revealers.
If you weren't at the meeting, we encourage you to go online and listen to the entire program at http://vimeo.com/90666548#at=0
Facts speak for themselves. Will you choose to listen?
Privileged to support Curt Nisly for state representative in District 22.
Tom Pletcher
Precinct Committeeman Washington 2
Vicki Pletcher
Pierceton, via email