Editor, Times-Union:
The Indiana Department of Health recently released 2013 statistics for Indiana abortions. The numbers of abortions performed in Indiana has dropped for the fifth year in a row. The total for 2013 was 8,027 compared to 8,808 in 2012. Last year’s 8,027 abortions marked a more than 50-percent drop since the all-time high of 16,505 abortions in 1980. Last year was the lowest number of abortions in Indiana since 1975.
The Department of Health also tracks abortions by county.  Although there is no abortion facility in Kosciusko County, 41 Kosciusko County babies were lost to abortion in 2013. This was actually an over 50-percent drop from the 100 Kosciusko County babies aborted in the year 2000.
While the drop in these numbers is encouraging, the reality is that 8,027 unborn boys and girls were killed in 2013 (41 from Kosciusko County). And, the numbers also mean that many women, men and families are likely dealing with the negative emotional and physical consequences of the decision to abort.
Right to Life of North Central Indiana, along with its many supporters, will continue to work to see the numbers of abortions reduced locally. We will continue to encourage a culture of life through billboards, radio and special events. We will continue to support pregnancy resource centers as they provide positive alternatives for women facing unplanned or complicated pregnancies. If you would like to get involved, you can find Right to Life of North Central Indiana (nci4life) on Facebook and Twitter. For more information about the organization, go to www.nci4life.org
Dave Koontz
Right to Life of North Central Indiana
Winona Lake, via email