A Republican candidate for District 22 State Representative in the May primary election has been endorsed by Gun Owners of America.
The campaign of Curt Nisly announced he has received the endosement of the GOA Political Victory Fund.
Nisly is running against incumbent Rebecca Kubacki, R-Syracuse.
“This endorsement by the Gun Owners of America speaks to clear differences between my opponent and me on Second Amendment issues, and will help me secure victory for the Republican nomination in House District 22 on May 6,” Nisly said.
“My opponent had an opportunity this past session to be clear in supporting the right to keep and bear arms in Indiana.  Instead, she cast a terrible anti-gun rights vote,” he added.
Nisly was referring to SB229, which he characterized as “a good piece of legislation.” The law passed the General Assemply this year and was signed by the governor.
The law allows people with carry permits to secure a firearm out of sight in a locked vehicle on school grounds.
Previously, possessing a firearm anwhere on school grounds was a criminal act.
 Guns still are not allowed inside schools.
“Without this provision, staffers who work at a school, and parents who visit a school, are effectively disarmed for their trip to and from the school, and possibly all day.  These law-abiding citizens should not be disarmed on their commute, nor for other errands they may have to perform that day. I strongly support the rights of Hoosiers to keep and bear arms, and I will fight for these rights as your voice in the State House,” Nisly said.