“To God Be the Glory,” a new book by Thomas M. Kruger, has been released by RoseDog Books.
These are spiritual poems written to draw others to the cross and God’s saving grace, according to a press release provided. The author takes no credit for his talent, as the title states “To God be the Glory.”
The author’s former books are distributed through the region of local libraries and in the hands of many who desired to purchase them and have them for their very own. He desires these poems of inspiration touch the hearts of others with conviction and devotion to the awesome Savior, God, and Redeemer, to put His praise up on their lips and to put Christ’s joy in their hearts, the release states.
It also states, “Pick up a copy and read for yourself of this man’s writings to bring Christ’s sacrifice upon that old rugged cross to light and to draw others to that light and out of the darkness that engulfs us in this present world.”
The author has been writing poetry since 1977 when he gave his life to the Lord. That was the moment that this gift of verse was given to him.
Kruger is still writing and this book is an accumulation of around 150 poems. All are new and have never been in print.
 Previously, RoseDog Books published a hardback book of 500 pages of Kruger’s work. “He never wrote anything before that day of kneeling before the cross. It was his miraculous gift from above, he started writing right away. He is still writing with five books already in print,” the release states.
“To God Be the Glory” is a 284-page paperback with a retail price of $23. The ISBN is 978-1-4809-9761-5. It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc of Pittsburgh, Pa.