10 Years Ago
Dr. John Davis, professor of Old Testament and history, retired after 39 years of service at Grace College. He was a seminary professor, college baseball coach, director of admissions, executive vice president, president and professor emeritus. Davis is an internationally noted Old Testament scholar and archaeologist. He’s written 21 books and has become a recording artist, releasing two CDs.
Syracuse native Dave Harwood will be driving a Shafer Motorsports monster truck during Monday’s show at the Kosciusko County Fair. His truck, “Wild Thang,” is powered by a 540-cubic inch Chevy Rodeck engine that produces nearly 1,400 horsepower, burns eight gallons of fuel every 100 feet and its 66-inch Goodyear tires cost $2,500 each. His wife Sherry will drive the Boogey Van, a 1995 Ford Areostar Van, 572-cubic inch SVO Boss Ford engine with 1,500 horsepower.
25 Years Ago
Warsaw Racquet Club was the site of the Women’s Gladys Boice Tennis Tourney. The title in Division I was won by the team of Alberta Montgomery and Candy Cunningham as they defeated Margaret Mauzy and Cindy Bradley 6-4, 6-3 in the final match. In Division II, Tara Silveus and Ranny Rains defeated Pam Butts and Jane Scott to win the title, 6-3, 5-7, 6-1. In the Division III round-robin tourney, Beth Glock was the winner with 19 points; Lili Polk and Kim Moore tied for second with 14 points. Diana Bitting participated in round robin.
Hull House, owned by John and Nancy Kleeman, will receive the Hoosier Centennial Business Award July 15 at ceremonies during Pioneer Days. Ben Phillipson began a men’s clothing store at the corner of South Buffalo and East Market in 1864, operating until Dec. 31, 1958. Max Hull took over Jan. 1, 1959 until 1976 when the Kleemans bought the store.
50 Years Ago
An estimated $500 to $800 damage occurred as the result of a fire at the Humpty Dumpty Grill, 114 N. Buffalo Street. Fire broke out in a grease exhaust vent over the grill and was contained to that area and a small section in a wall.
The 1964 Fair Queen candidates are Cassie Wells, Miss Syracuse II; Barbara Kerber, Miss Warsaw I; Nancy Goon, Miss Leesburg; Beth Frantz, Miss Claypool; Lena Nellans, Miss Mentone; Carol Beer, Miss Milford; Kathy Huffer, Miss Warsaw III; Kathy Michel, Miss Sidney; Judy Lantz, Miss Syracuse I; Cindy Conkle, Miss Warsaw II; Kathy Lenwell, Miss Pierceton; Vicki Miller, Miss North Webster; Sandra Michael, Miss Silver Lake. The 1963 Fair Queen was Vicki Silveus.
75 Years Ago
The Litchfield Creamery is receiving 68,000 pounds of milk every day, and the amount will increase throughout the summer. The demand for this factory’s products is greater than it is able to supply.
Bill DeFord, member of the U.S. Marine detachment of the U.S.S. Pennsylvania, was given a novel birthday gift by officers when the battleship was anchored12 miles at sea near San Diego, Cal. He was allowed to talk to his mother, Mrs. Gus DeFord, in Leesburg,