10 Years Ago
Sesquicentennial Moment: A young man came to Warsaw to marry in April 1869. The girl’s family didn’t trust him and put arsenic in his peaches. He was sick but not permanently harmed. In retaliation the next day, his wedding, he put poison in the tea kettle at the reception party. Many people drank the tea and became very sick but no one died. The young man was tried, found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison. The family had the marriage annulled. When the Supreme Court later reversed the decision, a new trial was ordered and the young man was set free this time. He married the woman again and they moved away from Warsaw.
There were many fights in the downtown saloons and in the streets in the summer of 1895. A campaign was started to rid the town of saloons.
25 Years Ago
Silver Lake Days will be held June 15-18. Committees are: parade, Marlin J. Carr and Larry Swihart; cutie king and queen contest, Deb Lotz; talent show, Yvonne Keirn and Cheryl Hill; golf tourney, Ike Kendall, Archie Caudill and John Mathys; men’s slowpitch softball tourney, Steve Behny and Brad Spratt; ladies’ slowpitch tourney, Mark and Patti Neukam; co-ed volleyball tournament, Melissa Alexander and Diana Powell; art, craft, concession, Sherri Allen and Becky Thomas.
Warsaw Community High School had its senior sports awards banquet Friday at the Middle School. Danny Moon and Ginnette Dunwell won career athlete awards. Moon lettered seven times in wrestling; Dunwell picked up nine letters in basketball, softball, golf and volleyball. Other major award winners were Teresa Smith, Kathy Tanner, Linda Parke, Josh Grill and Mark Aker.
50 Years Ago
These “fourth-grade sailors” at Washington School are rehearsing for their spring music program: Christine DePoy, Cynthia Klondaris, Denise Wiltrout, John Wallis, Patty Becher, Carol Coney and Diane Wiltrout. They are students of Mrs. Arden Kincaide and will be presenting “Songs of the Sea.”     
Warsaw High School’s tennis team (5-0) will take on the Plymouth Pilgrims at the city park courts, Center Lake. Players are Ronnie Clase, Mike Davis, Terry Fancil, Ken Rutledge, Ben Niles, Mike Miller and Jerry Kesler.
75 Years Ago
O.C. Bast, owner and manager of the Cedar Lawn Tourist Camp just west of Warsaw on U.S. Highway 30, has the unusual hobby of collecting bottles. His collection numbers 1,971, ranging in size from the 14-gallon bottle to miniatures of three and four drop sizes, many artistically decorated and a few are from the pre-prohibition era. Bast is blind from a childhood accident, but one would never know without close observation as he travels about the camp unaided. His record of guests at his camp include every state in the union.