10 Years Ago
Whitko Youth Center committee members are Rhonda Jones, Darci Kessie, Jonathan Damon, T.J. Erlandson, Stephanie Cokl, Erica Miller and Scott Helmkamp. The center, operating out of the Schultz Ministry Center, will be open for sixth- to eighth-graders after school during the 2004-2005 school year.
Wawasee High School graduate David Slabaugh, son of Mike and Linda Slabaugh, has signed to continue his education and track and field career at Indiana Wesleyan University. Wawasee head track coach is Scott Lancaster.
Jerry Tobin of Huntington brought his 1968 Camaro, which he’s owned since 1970, to the Pierceton Days Car Show.
25 Years Ago
Terry Woodling, a program director at Baker Boys Club, presented a plaque to Zach Ferguson for being the top 12-year-old “Spot Shot” in the United States.
The Yankees of Warsaw’s Major Little League won the regular season championship with players Geoff and Chris Walmer, John Perkins, Corey Leasure, Justin Curtis, Matt Baker, Nate O’Connell, Matt Hoskins, Darrin Miner, T.J. Shaw, Terry Engsterand. Coaches are Jim Walmer, Pat O’Connell and Scott Hoskins.
Nicole L. Hine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hine, Pierceton, and Whitko High junior, is competing for the title of Miss Teen of Indiana.
50 Years Ago
Robert “Bob” Hart, an employee of Little Crow, was at a local restaurant the other day beaming with the news that he and his wife had been told that there was a new baby waiting for them, the second they have adopted. Mrs. Paul Kaufman, the restaurant owner’s wife, fashioned a cradle from cardboard boxes and employees filled the cradle with gifts for Kimberlee Ann, who  is doing very nicely at the Hart home. Their first adopted daughter, Lynn Marie, will be 5 years old in September.
Workmen Marion Deeter, street and water commissioner, Alva Pinkerton, Stan Wuthrich, William Davidson and Jake Rink placed a new water line to Milford High School because water pressure was low due to a build-up of minerals inside the old one.
75 Years Ago
Winona Lake’s Fred Strauss, who grew to manhood in Pierceton, says that the first man in our county to speak over a rural telephone was the late Robert Orr, long-time farmer living north of Pierceton, 35 years ago. The first rural line was to be strung from Kuhn’s Landing, North Webster, to Pierceton. Fred’s father, D.W. Strauss, now 81, was in charge of setting up the line. He and his assistants had just about completed the circuit when they ran out of wire. The phone was hooked up on a fence near Orr’s home to John Brosnahan awaiting the test call in Kuhn’s Landing. Orr was startled and speechless at the speed in which his voice traveled over the line. Telephones in Pierceton at that time used tightly drawn sheepskin for transmitters. Instead of ringing a bell to call a party to the phone, the caller would tap on the sheepskin mouthpiece like a drum, says Strauss.