PIERCETON – Pierceton Senior Citizens Club President John Baughman called the April 19 meeting to order at 6 p.m.
Fifteen members responded to the questions, “How many miles did you drive this past winter?” Four guests joined in the response. Lana Wilson drove more than 5,000 miles, while most other members stayed close to home because of the cold and snow.
Jean Baughman offered the blessing. Winter birthday celebrants Betty Rose Stahl and Carol Love joined April celebrants Lorene Taylor, Pauline Borton, Johnny Gagnon and Marilee Bailey as they led everyone to the carry-in dinner.
Entertainment for the evening was presented by the Kosciusko County Extension Chorus. Dressed in spring colors, 23 ladies sang new and old songs. They began with the oldies, “This Joint is Jumping,” “Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend,” “Put a Little Love in Your Heart,” “Friendship,” “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” selections from the 1960s including “Johnny Angel” and “It’s My Part.” They ended with 2009s “One Song at a Time.”
The business meeting began with reading of minutes from December 2013. They were approved as read. The goal for 2014 is to increase membership. Thanks was given to members who brought a friend with them. The treasurer was absent, but she sent a request that the group approve the payment of the liability insurance for 2014 due before their May meeting. The premium has increased from the previous year’s, but a less expensive policy could not be found. The club approved payment.
Buthene King, nutrition site manager, explained some of the activities available at the site. A monthly foot clinic, twice-monthly bingo, cards, dominoes and other ;games were a few listed. Meals are available Monday through Thursday; starting July 1 they will run Monday through Friday. Reservations can be made for the meals by calling 574-594-5632.
Betty Rose shared “It is I Lord” and “Give Me a Friend.”
Dr. John Davis will be the entertainment at the next meeting Monday at 6 p.m. Dinner will again be a carry-in.
Daffodils were offered to everyone by Lana. “Day of Caring” applications were explained and made available for all. The meeting ended with applause for themselves for having made it through the long and cold winter.